Imagine turning your walls into profit centers with artwork that is guaranteed to make you money.

Poster in a frame

Poster dimensions are 36″ x 24″. Frame is not included.

NEW 6th Edition of Estate Planning Failures of the Rich and Famous

Your clients won’t be able to walk by these eye-catching Estate Planning Failures posters without being drawn into them — and a conversation with you! Let the celebrities and their Estate Planning catastrophes not only entertain your clients with little-known facts about their poor personal financial planning, but get them thinking about their own. These attention-grabbing prints will take any wall space and turn it into client opportunities, guaranteed.

The ALL NEW 6th Edition of Estate Planning Failures of the Rich and Famous features James Gandolfini, Johnny Thunders, Adam Yauch, Robin Gibb, Evel Knievel, Ed Koch, William M. Davidson, Paul W. Walker IV and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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I’ve had one of these posters in my office for a little over a week and I already have business in the pipeline.

This artwork got a new prospect for me in two days. Thanks!!!

These days it’s hard to do something that really rings the bell with a lawyer or CPA, but this gift does just that!